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To Become A Driving Instructor



We are currently looking for calm, confident, friendly, patient men and women with great interpersonal skills to join our team of instructors. 


Is your career stuck in neutral?

Are you struggling to find the right work-life balance?

Do you feel as though you are not fulfilling your potential?

Need a job that allows you to work around school times and holidays?

Interested in running your own business and being your own boss?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions then a career as a driving instructor could open the door to a brighter future. 

*Based on a 40-hour working week over 48 weeks, at £26-£30 per hour before tax and expenses*

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Affordable Franchise

Warning: Don’t think of going to the national schools until you have read this.


There’s nothing worse than looking at the telephone, waiting for it to ring, getting home in the evening opening your wallet and realising what you have earned has to pay an over inflated franchise? I bet you are sick and tired of having to reduce your price because your competitors are charging £15 per lesson or 12 lessons for £99. You’re an industry professional thus charging your worth.  Are you struggling to find students? As they seem to be going to the 3 instructors that live on your road. Our industry is now over run with so-called driving instructors, who have all seen the advert, “work 15 hours a week around your family for a salary of £30k.  “BULL”! How about when you are teaching and the phone rings, dam you have a lead, but you’re with a student, how unprofessional would it look if you were to answer as she’s doing 40mph down the dual carriageway. The phone goes silent.  That’s your lead gone; they are going down the long list of instructors in the directory and waiting for an answer on the other end. Do you have to teach in unfamiliar areas miles from home and having to fill your car up with even more petrol charged at today’s extortionate prices just to find work?  Ever noticed that there are more driving instructors on the road than there are police.   If the economics runes are correct we as ADI’s are in for a hard time ahead. The face of the world along with our industry is changing. Isn’t it about time you change too? Time to start thinking outside the box.  Long gone are the glory days of putting an ad in the yellow pages and waiting for the phone to ring. Technology has moved on. Perhaps you should too. Once you passed your part 3 exam you were simply told to Join a driving school and pay a franchise of about £200- £330 each week and then rely on them providing you with pupils (some cannot provide pupils and they still demand the full franchise!) Get your own car, put a roof top on with your name and number and then wait for the phone to ring Rely on word of mouth and referrals. These strategies simply don’t work.

This is when we come in DirectDrive™ Motoring Tuition can solve all of these problems and much more. We are a marketing agency for Approved Driving Instructors with a proven track record.  There’s no need to struggle on your own as we cover every possible aspect to running a successful driving school business. You name it and we can come up with the solution. DirectDrive™ Motoring Tuition was founded in 1999.  Since then we have gone from strength to strength, despite the economic downturn and are rapidly growing in reputation with fellow instructors, students and the general public. Our turnover has increased year on year and this has been attributed to our successful in house marketing campaigns and dynamic advertising strategies.

We implement gorilla-marketing tactics by thinking outside the box, from advertising in your local area, answering all of your calls, to organisation your diary or vehicle DirectDrive will be happy to assist. What you get is a business in a box. Eliminating all your worries, giving you more time to spend with family and friend or simply participating in your favourite hobby. We can supply you with absolutely everything from a brand new dual controlled car with magnetic livery a local telephone number, personal business cards appointment cards, books cd’s DVD’s manuals, stationary to a bespoke website optimised for search engines, down to leaflet printing and distribution in your local area crushing your competitors, this cuts down travel increasing your car mileage and fuel consumption. We run our office like a well-oiled marketing machine and have a dedicated team of marketing consultants and professionals with years of experience at our disposal. Their sole purpose is to get you an abundance of paying students ensuring you have regular work in your diary. We have advertised in national newspapers, emailed well over 300000 individual leads. Have a poster campaign, advertised on local radio to name but a few strategies. We have an in house driving instructor business mentor who role is to help you manage and retain as many students as possible as well as giving you the opportunity to change your life and fortune by using simple to follow strategies and proven techniques. We are so confident in our package that we guarantee you will be satisfied within three months or your deposit backs.

Take David for example "I did my training with one of the national schools; you know the one that starts with B ends with M. aka Bring Some Money. All they were ever interested in was my franchise. I worked for 9 weeks once with only 1 student and they still expected me to find the weekly franchise to pay them. I was in a bad way struggling to feed my young family.  I was totally demoralised and feared my remaining students would also see this; I really had nothing to smile about. I was seriously at the end of my tether. My life changed when I spoke to a chap called Kevin who I met in one of the test centres. He was another ADI and asked me if I was busy, I embarrassingly I said: “no not at all.” He asked why “I’m just not getting any work” He immediately pulled out his card and said ring these guys DirectDrive.  I remember walking through the door, giving my wife a half-hearted kiss and logged onto my computer, in the hope that my driving school had put some work my way. Again nothing. I pulled out the business card I was given from my wallet and entered the website address. How professional it all looked immediately took me back. A company that virtually runs everything for you. This was totally unheard of. The next morning I called and spoke to the marketing team at first I thought they were a scam and wouldn’t produce the goods. I was sent screenshots of instructor diary where I was taken back.  My diary had never looked that full.  I asked how would they get my diary looking so full, and was told it was down to the success of there marketing campaign. He told me that they will send 10000 leaflets to addresses within a 5-mile radius from my address and to prove it they will do it on my road. I was sold I went down to their office and signed up there and then, that was 4 years ago and I have never looked back."

This is just one of our many success stories. This concept isn’t new, we have been trading this way since 1999 and since then we have gone from strength to strength. Our philosophy is simple.  The more instructors that join DirectDrive™, the more we can invest in advertising and marketing. The end result is a constant supply of work for all of our instructors. With DirectDrive™ Motoring Tuition, you will be your own boss.  The only person you will answer to is you.   Our amazing offer includes all these benefits


• One of the lowest franchise fees in the industry.  That’s right we can proudly boast that we have one of the lowest franchises we have done our homework and research the top 5 driving schools and what they have to offer.

• Three-month rolling contract. We won't tie you in for a year unless you are happy with our service. The first month is a probationary trial to test the water. Pass that and we extend the contract for a further 3 months. Within the 3-month period, you will know if you have made the right choice and whether we can deliver what we promise. If you are not entirely satisfied you are free to go.

• Headboard and magnetic decals. We give you everything to get started this includes your vehicle livery, we use large metre long eye-catching magnetic panels advertising our services, and special offer, these can be easily removed leaving no damage to the doors when you want to go out using the car. They actually protect the doors. Just be prepared to stop and hand out your business cards on a regular basis.

• Personalised business cards & stationery.  We personalise your laminated business cards.  As well as having our company logo they will have your name mobile number and personalised email address for you to get even more students.


• Guaranteed pupil leads We are so confident in our marketing strategy that we guarantee you will receive a minimum amount of pupil leads on a monthly basis. So much so that if we do not give your pupils you will not have anything to pay.

• Multiple income streams for you to earn even more. We sell the entire latest theory test products books DVDs, etc to accompany the DSA curriculum.  You buy these from us at trade prices then sell them onto your pupils at a profit.  We will sign you up to many of the driving instructor affiliate programs where you earn as much as £30 per referral.

• Up to 42 days franchise free holiday. 2 weeks free start up and another 4 weeks of the year where you have a franchise holiday. Working these days are optional

• Online booking system and diary. A must have for all instructors the benefits include……….. Calls answered 8 till 8 weekdays, 9 till 5 Saturdays  Our UK based office-staff are contactable 12 hours a day, giving potential and existing pupils access to your business at times you wouldn’t normally be available.


We validate addresses and collect all data you require  Our postcode checker validates enquiries to reduce false calls and prevent mistakes, with selective “forced input” options for items like email addresses and license details. Our industry-specific staff can deal with all pupils’ queries  We can answer questions about licensing and learning, as well as telling potential pupils which of your products might be best for them.


You control when, and for how long, you divert your calls  Home and Mobiles, can all be diverted for as long as you want; many instructors divert to us permanently for a truly cost-effective call-answering solution.


Our multiple lines reduce lost calls and ring-backs  We aim to avoid missed calls altogether, but at particularly busy periods we capture "missed called" numbers and initiate a prompt call-back service if necessary.


We can alter and amend appointments while you teach  We can keep your diary up to date behind the scenes, allowing existing pupils to call “your office” at any time to check or amend their lessons without disturbing you on the road. We can reschedule your lessons in case of emergency  Breakdown? Sickness? Last minute crisis? We can contact your pupils and reschedule their appointments tactfully explaining why you’re not able to attend as arranged. We can deal with sensitive day-to-day issues that arise  We can tactfully remind pupils of the Ts and Cs if they try to cancel without notice or good reason, shielding you from any awkwardness if some pupils try to take advantage of you. Card payments are taken from pupils online or over the phone  We can process card payments over the phone this money will be sent directly into your account We make no charge for booking your pupils’ tests on your behalf  We can book theory and practical tests for your pupils on your behalf in line with the instructions you give us, with no administration charge for the facility provided. Urgent calls are texted to you for your immediate attention  If you have left instructions for a caller to be notified to you when they call, or if an important issue needs your personal and swift attention, you will be notified straight away by text.


All calls are recorded for training and quality purposes  In the event of complaint or dispute we can check the actual recording of any call taken, differentiating between a false allegation and genuine misunderstanding.


Prevent interruptions whilst lessons are conducted  Instructors can avoid the temptation of fussing with their mobile phone whilst on lessons by collecting their messages immediately after the appointment is finished.



 But we don’t just answer your phones.  As well as taking your telephone calls, we can deal with your emails, texts, (and Voicemails),

Our staff are trained to convert enquiries into bookings  Because we can access your and availability, we can book an initial lesson for a new pupil, or take their details for you to book yourself.


We can book new pupils directly into your diary  Our staff will spend considerable time taking full details of each booking and agreeing a time and pick up with every new pupil that wants to arrange an initial lesson with you. We can contact prospective new pupils on your behalf  Whether you get texts or emails sent to you directly, you can forward them to us so we can contact them, deal with any queries they might have and book them on your behalf.


We can contact pupils who do not rebook at the end of lesson  Whatever reasons your pupils may give for not rebooking in the car at the end of their lesson, (unknown work-shifts or going on holiday. etc.); we’re on the case. Important feedback to help improve your service  Where pupils are not rebooked, we can tactfully try to find out their reason and present you with information that may be of help to you in your CPD. We can contact test failures to rebook them  A prompt call by “DirectDrive” as soon as possible after a test failure can save the day by offering to quickly rebook another test to maintain momentum in their learning process. Full admin support for your intensive course products  If you offer intensive courses, we can book them directly into your diary and arrange both theory tests and practical tests to suit the pupil’s availability and course completion. Additional sales for Pass Plus or Advanced lessons  Pupil passed test? We can call or text successful pupils to congratulate them on their test pass and offer an incentive to them if they book additional lessons.


Easily reserve slots for prepaid pupils or recurring lessons  You can increase your advance bookings by pre-selling lessons directly into your diary for as many weeks in advance that you want using a simple click of your mouse.

Texts can help your business run at peak efficiency  Text receipts can be sent to confirm payments received and the next booking made, or to advise pupils of any change in lesson appointments that have been booked You can cherry-pick as many or as few text options as you want  You can select from a large number of automated texts to be sent on your behalf as well creating manual texts that can be generated to selected pupils or pupil types. All texts are sent free of charge via Direct Drive’s system  There is no charge for sending texts, or for automated texts being sent on your behalf, and a time-stamped "text-received" confirmation is provided as standard. Automated lesson-reminders help avoid misunderstandings  Automated reminder texts can be sent to every pupil the day before their lesson is due to be taken, but also advising that it’s too

late to cancel without a charge. Automated texts confirm test details with pupils  To bring clarity and focus, automated text reminds test pupils to bring both parts of their provisional licence with them when you collect them on the day of their test. Automated goodwill texts shows your pupils that you care  Automated congratulation texts can be sent to test-pass pupils as well as automatically generated Birthday, Christmas and New Year greeting texts to all your current pupils. Instructor texts communicate important business matters  Advisory texts can be sent to the instructor each time we book a new pupil, whilst instant texts are generated of on-the-day cancellations and urgent messages. A huge variety of texts can be sent to pupils and instructors  Individual texts can be sent to current or ex-pupils, (or, for multi-car schools, to your instructors), and a global pupil-text facility can be used for one-off special-offer initiatives.


Our mobile phone application shows “live” data “as it is” Your mobile phone can instantly link to your Online Office from anywhere in the world and is specifically designed to transfer data quickly and accurately whilst on the move. Communicate with “DirectDrive staff” via our Intranet Our mobile application allows you to communicate directly with the office in breaks between lessons, or whilst your waiting for your pupil to return from a driving test. Messages presented according to importance All messages can be read and dealt with via your mobile as soon as they are received, reducing the number of “call-backs” you might have to do after your working day is over. Access your business records whilst you’re on the road Many of your business records will be available for you to check or amend via your mobile phone, allowing you to prioritise your workload for maximum efficiency. Dealing with daily reminders or lesson clashes You can choose quiet times in your day to deal with reminders or rearrange lessons, rather than dealing with them at home when you might prefer to relax. Process pupils' card payments via your mobile phone Link through our mobile phone application to take card payments, paid directly into your own Pay Pal account, and to issue a receipt to the pupil on confirmation of payment. End of Lesson receipts promote good practice Avoid misunderstanding by entering End of Lesson data in the car. Then copy it to your pupil by text or email as evidence of progress, payments, products and next appointments. Monitor pupils’ progress using our detailed lesson syllabus Our 33 point lesson syllabus allows structured learning to take place and progress to be recorded lesson by lesson and accessed by pupils online at any time.


• Fuel cards we supply you with your own personalised fuel card (Discount on fuel) Weekly fixed lower prices available

• Simple administration • Single invoice for easy VAT reclaim

• Interest free credit - simple payment* • No cash involved - just controlled card purchases • Full online account access 24/7 for easy downloads, requests and account information • Weekly price notification by email, fax or sms is available on request - know your price before you use • Our Shell, Total and Diesel Direct fuel cards can be used as payment on the • Fuel cards can now be used at Tesco** service stations • Tesco Clubcard Points - Collect one Clubcard point for every £2 spent on fuel at a Tesco** Forecourt

• Leaflet marketing.  We have the ability and resources to print well over 100000 Professionally designed glossy A6 flyers delivered individually within a desired radius from your home.  On average and upon start we will deliver 10000 leaflets to get you going.  Here at direct drive we are realistic and don’t expect you to receive 10000 pupils all-willing to drive. No, we won't even say half that figure. Not even 10%, or 1% but 0.5% worst-case scenario means that you should get a yield of at least 50 students in your diary.

• Free marketing material.  You will also receive professionally designed posters which can be displayed in local shops windows, churches, schools, library etc. asking for you personally.

• Personal email address. So you can keep in touch with your students we give you a personalised email address for you to keep. I.e.

• A featured page on our web site. We will feature you and your car plus a personal bio about yourself on our search engine friendly website

• No hidden pupil referral fees for full-time instructors when you choose our full-time option.   Unlike some driving schools, we will not charge for pupil leads.


• Work full or part-time: Part time option has a fee but this is only charged once the student has rebooked. That said this is our lowest franchise fee

• Work the areas and hours that suit you. You are your own boss with DirectDrive and will not be expected to work in areas unfamiliar to you.  Choose the postcodes you want to work in. The more postcodes you choose the better and watch the work flood in.

• ADI Accountant services are available.  We are driving instructors and not accountants so why not leave your end of year taxes to the professional. We have an in house accountant who will deal with any accounting or self-assessment queries.

• Local advertising. Depending on the number of instructors in your area working under DirectDrive is determined on the amount of advertising we do in your area.  We have the resources to advertise on local radio stations, newspapers and TV, in directories, and have banners outside schools and colleges promoting our safer roads campaign.

• Full office support. Our office is open from 8:00 till 8;00 pm Monday to Friday and 8 am to 5 on Saturdays our office staff are only a phone call away.  You will have your own business manager who you can refer to if any questions arise how is obtainable outside business hours.

• Online booking service for pupils. New pupils can book lessons online, we have an irresistible special offer to tempt them on board.


• 1 Year free business banking. We will give you all the support your business needs and give you access to business banking with its additional perks and services

• Dedicated driving instructor business marketing coach. Your business marketing coach will help you in all aspects of running your business this will include advice on social media

How to get Facebook to bring you 10 pupils per week How to get even more pupils constantly filling your diary. How to get your car to be a marketing machine THE RIGHT WAY How the ADI's appointment cards can be a powerful promotional tool How to use Twitter to get you a full diary How to work with parents that can bring you referrals all day long How to make your promotional adverts work all the time How to have a powerful Facebook fan page for a fraction of the price of a website How to have a website that creates hundreds of pupils per month which DirectDrive will create and advertise on your behalf.


• Corporate wear. We supply you with polo shirts, t-shirts and fleece jackets taking the strain off your own wardrobe. Never be stuck for what to wear and advertise your services at the same time.

• Vehicles from just £44.99 per week or use your own as long as it is under six years old.  We work closely with a number of car manufacturers and leasing companies insuring we get the lowest possible rate. All cars are supplied with dual controls. Have a choice between two or four door. Change to a new vehicle ever 6,12 or 18 months.

• CPD training you will be invited to attend ADI seminars, workshops, meetings and days out, all of which goes towards your cod training. We are the only marketing company exclusive to driving schools and instructors. You will not get many of our services from driving school franchises. We are the leading professionals in our industry. We offer more for less. Your very own one stop shop, business in a box, driving school Unlike the national driving schools our marketing budget is focused solely on entices students and not instructors to train with you, 80% of the franchise or marketing budget goes back into obtaining pupils.


Quite simply this is how it works. A prospective student will read a leaflet, see a poster, receive an email, and see your car, find you online, or through your social media sites, be referred. If someone wants a driving lesson they will find you. We stand out from the crowd by enticing pupils with one of our promotional offers or worm on the hook. We can then real them in they call the office, are receptionist have sales backgrounds and are paid by commission. The more students they book the more money they earn. The prospective student postcode is taken down this gets fed into the system and is highlighted that you are available at a particular time and date.  Upon you joining you are automatically put on our priority list meaning that you will receive the majority of the leads over any other instructor in your area until your diary is full and your hours of work exceed 35-40 hours per week.

We are committed to finding you work and have a dedicated marketing team guaranteeing this is achieved. We only recruit instructors in areas where we can demonstrate an acceptable level of work. Unlike many of our competitors, we never employ multiple instructors in the same area unless our existing instructors are fully booked.  "100%, No Questions Asked, Take-It-To-The-Bank Guarantee" I personally guarantee if you make a diligent effort to use just a few of the techniques with DirectDrive, you'll produce at least £2310 in the next 3 months. That's right £2310 extra you never would have seen without implementing direct drive’s strategies and proven techniques. If you don't, I'll refund the entire cost of the deposit.

Actually, you get double protection. Here's how. At any time during the 3 months, if you sincerely feel I fell short in any way on delivering everything I promised, I'll be happy to give you a complete refund. Even if it's on the last day of the 3 months!


“If you purchase by 1st July you will get 10000 leaflets as a free bonus The price I hear you ask, something like this you must be asking for £300 per week. No, not even half that amount £150 you get all of this for a deposit of £250 + £72 = vat

Earn a realistic salary of £50K OTE

HERES HOW On Target Earnings


For forty hours a week, excluding driving tests, pass plus course, books, DVD’s and four week holiday an instructor working under the DirectDrive™ trading name can expect to take home in excess of £41,440.48 before tax.

Break down

Manual Lesson Prices: £28

Automatic £32.50

 40 hours X £28 = £1120.00 per week

£1120.00 - £75.00 Franchise marketing fee = £1045.00

£1045.00 X 48 weeks = £50,160 with four weeks holiday.




If you were to include an average of 25 driving tests in the year, 6 pass plus courses, the referral affiliate program and the profit on books and DVD’s this could increase your annual earnings by approximately £3559.52

Totalling £53k

Brand New Citroen DS3 Diesel Available from only £50 per week

Finally your getting paid what your worth.

Please note that whilst working under the DirectDrive™ trading name, you are entitled to a four week holiday break from paying the franchise. It is your decision on whether you decide to work during this time or not. Unlike a particular driving school (as seen on TV) We do not want to flood the country with driving instructors and not be able to keep our pupil promise, so this offer is limited to the first 14 ADI's and will be treated on a first come first serve basis. After that, the offer will have expired. The right candidates will not only be grade 4 and above ADI’s but savvy businessmen and women who are prepared to change their lateral way of thinking.  There are 46000 ADI’s in the UK. Isn’t it time for you to stand up and be counted.


Pick Up the Phone and Call Now! Or email

0208 4322205

If you don’t want to be left behind, Struggle day to day to make ends meet or work too long hours for little or no reward let DirectDrive take the strain and provide you with a cost-effective solution.  Don’t get caught out and Watch others get all the work, work that should be in your diary.

PS This is a full turnkey business, which can be run from any home in the UK. The only qualification you need is what you trained hard for. Your green badge. You will also need a computer and smart-phone.

PPS Your very own driving school, never struggle for pupils again. You would be blind not to have noticed the number of instructors in your area. Call Now!!!!




Direct Drive has positioned itself as a leading driving school in Croydon and the surrounding areas for over 17 years. We are currently in a position to recruit both trainee and qualified instructors to work as part of our team.  

What we offer ADI's and PDI's

We provide bespoke training by qualified Instructor Trainers sourced from large national schools for Potential Driving Instructors right from the start, through to qualifying and beyond.

  1. Free no obligation suitability consultation and assessment drive.
  2. One to one in car training.
  3. Flexible training times to fit in with work schedules and family commitments.
  4. Affordable training fees with pay as you go options as well as discounted upfront payments.
  5. Ongoing coaching, support and mentoring.

We enable Approved Driving Instructors who want to take the stress out of running their own business, the opportunity to work alongside this well-established driving school. Our affiliate scheme comes with the following benefits.

  1. Full office support.
  2. Call answering and booking service 8am-8pm Mon to Fri & 9am-5pm Sat.
  3. 24-hour online booking service and online diary access. 
  4. Text reminders for all pupils. 
  5. Stationery & business cards.
  6. Standards Check coaching. 

Call us now on 020 8432 2205 for more information or a callback


The Road To Becoming A Driving Instructor

Anyone who is over the age of 21 and has held a full UK license for more than three years could be eligible to become a driving instructor. You must also have no more than three points on your license. The application process starts with a CRB check and once this has been completed you can start training to become an instructor. 

To become an Approved Driving Instructor you will need to pass three Driving Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) exams. It is illegal to charge for instruction in a car if your name is not included in the Register of Approved Driving Instructors or you do not hold a valid Trainee License to give instruction.


The part 1 test - Multiple choice & Hazard perception

You will be asked a total of 100 multiple choice questions which must be completed within 90 minutes. The will be 25 questions in each of the following four categories:

  1. Road procedure
  2. Traffic signs and signals, car control, pedestrians and mechanical knowledge
  3. Driving test, disabilities, and the law
  4. Publications and instructional techniques 

To pass you must score at least 85 out of 100 overall and at least 20 out of 25 in each of the four categories.

During the hazard perception part of the test, you will be shown a total of 14 video clips featuring every day road scenes. There will be 1 developing hazard in 13 of the video clips and 2 developing hazards in one clip. The earlier you notice and respond to a developing hazard, the higher your score. You can get a maximum of 5 points for each hazard and you must score at least 57 out 75 to pass this part of the test.


The part 2 test

This test consists of:

  1. an eyesight test
  2. vehicle safety questions
  3. a test of your driving ability


The part 3 test


This is a test of your ability to instruct pupils and takes approximately one hour. You will be assessed on

  1. core competencies
  2. instructional techniques
  3. instructor characteristics 

The instructor will play the role of two different pupils to assess these skills. 


Call us now on 020 8432 2205 for more information or a callback





















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