INTRODUCING: The Triple Guarantee

We offer 2 levels of pricing for driving lessons. The Triple Guarantee and regular Pay As You Go lessons. Read more now…

The Triple Guarantee
To the best our knowledge no other driving school in Croydon offers you a Triple Guarantee.                 The Triple Guarantee is tailored to suit the needs people who want to learn with a great driving school without risking their money, It will give you the best chance of passing first time if you are committed to taking 4 hours of lessons per week.  Just take a look at the benefits you can enjoy today...

Money Back Guarantee
We know we are a top driving school in Croydon, but it’s one thing to say it and another thing to prove it, so if you do not like the service you can have your money back…Sounds great – right?

Pass Promise
If you follow our structured lesson pattern, download our app, complete assigned homework and do not pass first time, we will pay for your next driving test.

2 Year Driving Lesson Warranty
After you have passed your driving test, if you ever need us, you can have access to free refresher lessons for 2 years!

Why are we doing this?
Because we can!
Direct Drive is an established driving school in Croydon, with great driving instructors who deliver incredible bespoke lessons that you will really enjoy. Our reviews and testimonials are proof of this.

There are many cheap driving schools in Croydon, and if you prefer a cheap lesson instead of a great lesson then that is your choice, but if you want a top level service Direct Drive has everything you need.

If you go to McDonald's and the food is cold, you take it back.
If you go to a shop to buy some jeans and they rip, you take them back.
So why don’t driving schools to guarantee their lessons? Well, we do.

Every pupil would love to pass their driving test first time. It’s a great goal to aim for but the pupil must also have confidence in their instructor and the driving school. You don’t want to hear false promises – do you?

And once you have passed your driving test lots of things can happen.
You may want a little reassurance on roundabouts, or perhaps you want us to sit next to you when you drive your own car for the first time. Whatever the reason we are available to give you continued support.

The prices for this exclusive offer are:
£31 per hour
£300 for 10 hours

Pay As You Go
A Great Way To Learn.

You can also have access to our highly qualified driving instructors on a Pay As You Go basis. These lessons do not include the Triple Guarantee and are limited to a minmum of two hours per week.

Prices for Pay As You lessons:
£26 per hour.
£250 for 10 hours.
Money Back Guarantee on the first driving lesson only.

Our Mini Intensive Courses can greatly increase your chances of passing first time.



Use this guide to help you save time and money learning how to drive and passing your test first time

It is hard to find the right driving school in Croydon.Yes there are lots of schools offering driving lessons in Croydon, but how can you tell which schools to avoid and who to choose for you?
Most people enquiring about lessons will ask these questions

1. What do you charge?
2. What are your pass rates?
3. How many lessons will I need?

But those questions do not give you the right answers.
The questions in your head are.
Will I get ripped off?
Can I trust them?
Will they help me in the best way possible?

And rightly so. You are well within your rights to be thinking of those questions, but you can't just ask “are you going to rip me off?” It doesn’t work like that, does it?

The solution to finding out if the driving instructor in Croydon is the right one for you are within these following points:

1. Ask the school if the instructor is a trainee or fully qualified. There is nothing wrong with a trainee but you need to know and you may expect the price to reflect their level of experience.

2. Each driving instructor receives a grade of either A, B or fail. Around 25% of driving instructors are a grade A. If the driving instructor received a fail, they can still give tuition for a short period of time.

3. Ask when they were last graded. It is called a Standards Check.

4. Also, ask about any additional training they have taken since their Standards Check to maintain and improve their services to you.

5. Finally, this is not a question to ask but an observation to make. The driving test is not totally comprehensive, it does not cover driving at night, in poor weather or on motorways. So the thing to look for is if the driving school in Croydon offers a Pass Plus Course, Motorway Lessons or Advanced driver training.

If the school does not offer these extended lessons you have got to think why? Surely the driving school wants you to be safe?
Yes, it is your choice to take these extended lessons, but you have got to ask yourself if they are not offered on the website, is this school the right one for you?

How to make sure you can save £500 or more on passing your driving test.

Some people will search for cheap driving lessons in Croydon and while plenty of people don’t, we all want a good deal – right?
You want good service and to be able to pass the driving test without needing to take too many driving lessons – agreed?

To our knowledge, there is no other driving school in Croydon who shares these inside secrets with their learners, so take a serious look at this…
Just by structuring your driving lessons in a certain way, you can instantly start to help saving cash. This has nothing to do with your ability or the skills of the instructor, it’s all about when and how frequently you take your driving lessons.

Here is an example. You have two people, Simon and David both book 10 hours of lessons, Simon takes one hour a week, David takes a lesson every 3 to 4 days and his lessons are 2 hours long. Who learns more?

Of course, you know the answer, its David.
On every lesson Simon has got to think back a whole week to what he learned and just like learning to play the piano or guitar you need frequent practice or its going to takes ages.

Now we think Simon is adding around 10 hours to his training because if he just has a 15-minute recap on each lesson, every 4 lessons mean one is wasted, and on average it takes 47 hours to pass. Perhaps he could be wasting closer to 12 hours, and that the best part of £300 down the drain.

How To Save Another £300
If you follow the example of David he is not going to require private practice, he has enough training each week. To insure a family car and to fuel it, you can easily spend £30 a week. In  just a 3 month period that comes to well over £300.

How to pass your driving test first time and save another £300
Every learner wants to pass their driving test first time, it’s not just the money but also the achievement. However, there is a strategy you must apply because 50% of tests end in a failure and you want to avoid that.

The story begins with not the first driving lesson, but actually the driving examiner and what they are looking for on your driving test. It is there responsibility to make sure you are a safe driver, that’s the clue. What defines a safe driver?

1. To follow the Highway Code
2. To be in control of the car at all times
3. To spot hazards and avoid them
4. To want to drive as a safe person would

…and that’s it!
Just those 4 little points are what the driving examiner is looking for, so the strategy is clear, you are going to use these 4 steps on every single driving lesson. Not only will you be fully prepared and confident for the driving test but also, you will be able to pick up on your own faults and rectify them!

So where does the £300 saving come into play?
Well, passing first time means no 2nd test and extra lessons!
To doubly make sure you have what it take to cruise through your driving test we take extra steps.

1. You will have completed the learning to drive syllabus and be classified as an independent driver.

2. You will not need the assistance of your instructor on your lessons.

3. You will have passed a mock test.

Let’s Be Totally Honest
There is no other driving school in Croydon who gives you this information

We have described in common sense terms how to save well over £500. You have the best questions you could ever ask a driving school and we have shown you exactly how to pass the driving test first time.

Call Now If…You think we could have what it takes to help you get your license.
Call Now If…This seems too good to be true and we will tell you more about our money back guarantee!

Just pick up the phone and dial 020 8432 2205

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