Why is DirectDrive cheaper than other driving schools?

>We are up to 15% cheaper than our major competitors because we run a virtual office. Operating virtually means we eliminate the need for an office and the associated running costs.

We drive small diesel cars fitted with dual controls; perfect for manoeuvres. This means we cut the cost of insurance, tax and fuel.

We can therefore pass these savings on to you.

How soon can I book a driving lesson?

You can book a lesson immediately by calling us on 0800 321 3748 or 07950 400 840. Also by clicking on the "book now" button found on our home page..

You can book an appointment online at a time to suit you and you can also view and amend any future bookings. We send reminders about class times via text and email.

How many driving lessons will I need before Im ready for my test?

This varies, as every individual is different. Please consider the following:

  • The Driving Standards Agency (DSA), recommends that a complete beginner has a minimum of 45 hours of professional tuition coupled with approximately 22 hours of private practice. The majority of our pupils have an average of 30 to 35 hours of tuition and practice. We owe this to our structured learning program; but bear in mind that determination and perseverance also go a long way.
  • Your age can determine how quickly you learn to drive. In general, the younger you are, the quicker you will learn and the fewer driving lessons you will need. A mature learner is likely to need more lessons prior to taking the test.
  • Previous experience should also be taken into account. A pupil who rides a motor bike or cycles in towns will have more practical road knowledge and will tend to develop driving skills more quickly than a complete novice.
What does the new driving test consist of?

Independent driving became part of the practical driving test in October 2010. Our driving instructors know what is required and will prepare you fully.

You will be asked to drive independently for about 10 minutes, either by following traffic signs and a series of verbal directions, or a combination of both.

To help you to understand where you are expected to drive during the test, the examiner may also show you a diagram.

Our instructors have sat in on the new driving test and have been fully briefed on how to conduct it.

At what age can I learn to drive?

You can take your theory test once your provisional licence becomes valid; on your 17th birthday.

However you can apply for the licence up to three months before your 17th birthday.

If you apply for your provisional licence before you turn 17 you will still have to wait until your 17th birthday before you will be allowed to take the theory test.

Are DirectDrive instructors Qualified?

Yes all of our instructors are fully qualified.

All our instructors are reliable, punctual and courteous.

Our instructors will advise you on all aspects of learning to drive, drawing on our structured learning program. We cover every aspect of driving, from the theory test, to passing the practical test, plus driving on motorways and at night.

We will provide advice about what to read and study, and can suggest where and when to take your driving test and how best to practice with friends or family.

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