Pass Plus

What is the Pass Plus Scheme?

The Pass Plus course can only be taken with an Approved Driving Instructor or ADI who has registered with the government-backed scheme.

This could be one of our existing driving instructors in Mitcham or Croydon as all of our instructors are qualified to teach the Pass Plus course. Contact Us for our availability.
You don’t have to take the course in a specific place – we will pick you up from your location.

The course is not compulsory, and therefore does not have an official or formal test at the end, however, to receive a Pass Plus certificate you will need to have reached a required standard of driving when you’re assessed after each module.

What do I learn on a Pass Plus course?

The Pass Plus course is split into 6 modules, which cover a variety of daily driving aspects.

This includes…

1. Town and City driving

As a vast majority of drivers will encounter urban city driving the greatest, this module can help improve your observational skills and increased awareness levels.

You will understand how to navigate complex and major junctions, underpasses and trams, bus and cycle lanes and busy roundabouts.

2. Adverse Weather Driving

If you have not already driven in the rain or extreme weather conditions before, it can be beneficial to discover how to cope with torrential rain, snow, ice, fog and dazzling sunlight.

Avoiding and managing to skid is also included in this section, as well as why stopping distances are increased in bad weather conditions.

3. Driving on rural roads

Driving in rural areas brings with it different and often higher risks than driving in built-up areas, involving blind bends, animals on the side of the road and overtaking slow-moving vehicles such as tractors.

This section looks at safe passing places and what to do when you face sharp bends, horse riders, cyclists, farm vehicles and objects as well as potholes in the road.

4. Driving at night

You may not have had much knowledge or experience of night driving before passing your driving test, but this module can help boost your self-confidence when driving on dark roads to the roads after dark.
It deals with the appropriate use of headlights, changing to different light levels, getting used to being dazzled and calculating speeds and distance.

5. Driving a dual carriageway

You would have driven on a dual carriageway before your driving test, but you may not feel as though you’ve fully got to grips with them.

This module aims to focus on joining and leaving carriageways via the slip roads, in addition to overtaking safely, lane discipline and driving at a safe distance behind the vehicle in front.

6. Driving on motorways

Although learners can now have lessons on motorways with one of our approved driving instructors, due to time restrictions chances are that you probably didn’t spend much time on them and could still find them daunting.

In this module, you’ll learn how to drive at a safe speed in various conditions, deal with high-speed tiredness, know how to handle a breakdown, use the correct lane and follow road markings and traffic signs.